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TapeTree #3

Here is the structure for the 05/03/72 Grateful Dead Tape Tree. To find your parent for this show, the easiest thing to do is to find you position and take off one number from the end, example 1.1.1 Joe Smith is the child of 1.1 Jane Doe, if you still don't understand who your parent is, just email me at and I'll tell you who your parent is.It is up to the children to make contact with their parent to setup quick trades or Blanks and postage deal. I was able to make sure nobody got below a generation tape, and hopefully you are enjoying being on the tree and will continue on. Also, please email if there are any problems going on, I'll try to help out if there is. One last thing, please email me when you send and receive your tapes for this tree so that I can keep track of the tree,and update the structure with the latest progress of the tree.

have a good one,

Analog Structure:
CDR Structure:
DAT Structure:

BAND Grateful Dead
VENUE Olympia Theatre
CITY ParisSTATE France
DATE 05/03/72
SET1 Bertha [5:27];Me And My Uncle [2:56];Mr. Charlie [3:37];Sugaree [6:41];Black Throated Wind [5:34];Chinatown Shuffle [2:29];China Cat Sunflower [5:30]>I Know You Rider [4:57]; Beat It On Down The Line [2:55];He's Gone [7:05];Next Time You See Me [4:29];Playing In The (1) [10:33];Tennessee Jed [7:08];Good Lovin' [16:09]; Sing Me Back Home [8:37];Casey Jones [5:#17]

SET2 Greatest Story Ever Told [4:34];Ramble On Rose [5:58];It Hurts Me Too [6:21];Truckin' [10:37]> Space(2)[6:45]> The Other One (3) [10:04] > Drums [3:32] > The Other One Jam (4) [6:29] > Space [6:10] > Me And Bobby McGee [5:26] > The Other One (5) [2:45] > Wharf Rat [9:08] ; Jack Straw [4:41] ; Sugar Magnolia (6) [6:24] ; 
Not Fade Away [5:01] > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [6:38] > Not Fade Away [2:34] ; One More Saturday Night [4:45]

COMMENTS (1) {Playing In The [2:38] > spacey Playin' jam [6:14] > 
Playing In The Reprise [1:41] } (2) Space with drummers 
(3) {The Other One jam [9:22] > The Other One, first verse [0:42] > transitional jam [0:26]}
(4) {spacey jam [1:52] > The Other One Jam [4:37] } 
(5) {The Other One Jam [1:47] > The Other One, second verse [0:48] } 
(6) {Sugar Magnolia [4:39] ; [0:10] ; Sunshine Daydream [1:35] }

CONTRIBUTORS Richard Plumb , Thayer Jennings 
Blems(from what I heard): Diginoise first part of Bertha, and one or two dropouts in Goin' Down the Road, and One More Saturday Night.
Comments:  This is part one of the "Infamous Honeymoon Tapes"  It is very nice and will get you dancing. Hope you enjoy it.
Tapes needed are 2x60m for Dat signups,most likely 4x74min CDR's for CDR signups, 3x90min. Cassette tapes for Analog Signups.