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Tape Tree#4

Here is the structure for the 11/29/80 Grateful Dead Tape Tree. To find your parent for this show, the easiest thing to do is to find you position and take off one number from the end, example 1.1.1 Joe Smith is the child of 1.1 Jane Doe, if you still don't understand who your parent is, just email me at and I'll tell you who your parent is.It is up to the children to make contact with their parent to setup quick trades or Blanks and postage deal. I was able to make sure nobody got below a generation tape, and hopefully you are enjoying being on the tree and will continue on. Also, please email if there are any problems going on, I'll try to help out if there is. One last thing, please email me when you send and receive your tapes for this tree so that I can keep track of the tree,and update the structure with the latest progress of the tree.

Analog Structure:
Dat Structure:
CDR Structure:

Tape Info.

Grateful Dead 
11/29/80 Alligator Alley Gym University of Florida Gainsville, FL 
Source:Fob Beyer M160>Sony TC-D5 CasM>Dat
Set I
Alabama Getaway>Promised Land,Candyman,New Minglewood Blues,Row Jimmy,Mama Tried>Mexicali Blues,Althea>Lost Sailor>Saint of Circumstance>Don't Ease Me In
Set II
Shakedown Street> Franklin's Tower> Estimated Prophet>He's Gone> Truckin'>drums>The Other One>Stella Blue>Good Lovin'
Casey Jones 

Blems: Very slight dropout in He's Gone (once) and drums (once). 
Tape Requirements: DAT(2x60m's or 1x90m's) Analog(2x90min.) CDr(3Discs)