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02-17-97 Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1: Soul Shakedown Party*-> The Divided Sky, Wilson#, My Soul, Guyute, Timber (Jerry), Billy Breathes, Llama, Bathtub Gin-> Golgi Apparatus

2: The Squirming Coil > Down With Disease-> Carini-> Taste-> Down With Disease-> Suzy Greenberg-> Prince Caspian

E: Sleeping Monkey, Rocky Top

*First time played (Bob Marley cover).  #Trey flubs lyrics a few times.

Source:  Af: D Schoeps MK4v's>EAA PSP-2>D8

Known Flaws: TBA

Requirements: 2x60m, 1x90m for Dat, 3x74 min. Cdr’s for Audio, 2x74 min. Cdr’s for SHN


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