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1)This is a not for profit tape distribution project. These CD's are for personal home use only as per the artist's official taping policy. The recording must always be copied and or distributed for free. An act of profit from CDs from this tree will get you kicked off immediately. Any CD's you receive from this tree can be traded, but only in 1:1 or b+p trades. Feel free to convert the contents of these CD's to MP3's. We will not be responsible for the quality of MP3's. 

2)Disc-at-Once traders will be placed higher in the tree due to their ability to avoid burning the two second gap between tracks. 

4)Everyone needs to report to Nathan (tree admin) upon arrival of their CDs. We want to keep this tree moving quickly, and want to fix problems fast. 

5)The following will get you booted off the tree (permanent/Temp. structure): 
-Fail to fulfill agreement to duplicate CDs. 
-Stalling the tree by taking too long to copy your CDs. 
-Any act we feel is that of a bad trader. 
-Failing to follow the tree rules. 

6) Bad traders from the past will be excluded from the tree. This will be done at the discretion the Tree Adminastrator(Nathan). 

7) All mailing should be done with United States Postal Service (USPS) priority mail/First Class or better. 

8) Please mail your CD's in padded envelopes only. 

9) It is ok to trade shows with your parent instead of sending blanks, make those arrangements on an individual basis. 

11) CD's must be labeled NOT FOR SALE on them. 

12) We have no standard brand of CDR-74 blanks, due to varying opinions. Since you provide the blanks to your parent, you should send your parent your blanks of choice. If decide to send another show instead, you should negotiate blank brand with your parent, if you care. 

13) If you have technical problems copying the show for your branches, please contact the tree administrators as soon as possible. I am Nathan Hifko I will attempt to help you out, as well as getting the tree under you moving. Repeated technical problems could result in your exclusion from future trees. 

14) Parents are NOT required to provide labels and setlists for the traders under them. If you are into artwork or other cool jewel case inserts, feel free to volunteer it, but its NOT required. 

15) I(Nathan) reserve the right to refuse any tree application.

CDR Signups

Please send me this signup form completed with "GD83180CDR" or "GD83180SHN" as the subject to Please take the time to signup for the Trees mailing list, the info. is at the bottom of the page. All CDR Leafs with a good setup(3head or 2head tape deck) please make available a weed to the forum of your choice and cc a copy of you offer to me.

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1.) Name:
2.) email:
3.) Address:
4.) Positon(CD>CD,CD leaf):

For CD>CD people Only
5.) How many copies can you safely do in a week?:
6.) Can you do DAO?
7.) What's your CD-R Hardware?
8.) What's your CD-R Software?
9.) Are you familar with and use the program Shorten?
    If so, please sign up to receive shn's if you want to. 
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NateDawg's Tape Trees:

This is an announcement list you can sign-up for that will send you new messages announcing new trees, 
closed trees, and structures posted. Please take the time to signup as it will be a big help for the trees efficiency. 

To Sign up, please go to onelist and subscribe to NateDawgTapeTrees. It's just that easy.