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Dat Signups

Here is the Signups for DAt, please send me the completed signup form with "GD 8/31/80 Dat" as the subject. Please take the time to suscribe to the Trees mailing list, the info. is at the bottom of the page.All DAT Leafs with a good setup(3head or 2head tape deck) please make available a weed to the forum of your choice and cc a copy of you offer to me.


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1.) Name:
2.) Email:
3.) Address:
4.) Position(D>D,D leaf):
5.) # of copies(D>D)
6.) Deck Info.(Setup):
7.) If D>D, can you defeat SCMS?:
8.) Notes/Comments:
9.) Permenant/Temp. Member:
10.) Tapelist URL:
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This is an announcement list you can sign-up for that will send you new messages announcing new trees, closed trees, and structures posted. Please take the time to signup as it will be a big help for the trees efficiency. 

To Sign up, please go to onelist and subscribe to NateDawgTapeTrees.  It's just that easy.

NateDawg's TapeTrees: