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Tape Tree#9
Here is the structure for the 04/17/99 Phil and Phriends Tape Tree. To find your parent for this show, the easiest thing to do is to find you position and take off one number from the end, example 1.1.1 Joe Smith is the child of 1.1 Jane Doe, if you still don't understand who your parent is, just email me at and I'll tell you who your parent is.It is up to the children to make contact with their parent to setup quick trades or Blanks and postage deal. Please email if there are any problems going on, I'll try to help out if there is. One last thing, please email me when you send and receive your tapes for this tree so that I can keep track of the tree,and update the structure with the latest progress of the tree.

Tape Info
Phil and Friends
Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, California
Source: A:D Neumann u89i (cardioid setting) @ ~ 90 degrees from FOB/DFC (aka "the drink
rail" or "the spot") -> Apogee ad1000 -> Tascam DAP1 taped by Daniel Estrin
Soundcheck? Terrapin Station, Eyes of the World, My Favorite Things

Set one (77 min.): Dark Star -> Rigor Mortis (Zero original) -> Dark Star
-> Rigor Mortis > Days Between -> Tweezer-like Jam -> Dark Star > My
Favorite Things > Mississippi Half-step*, Bird Song* (Page on Vocals)

Set two: Terrapin Station, Down w/ Disease, Dark Star (2nd verse), Friend
of the Devil, Casey Jones, Morning Dew, Goin Down the Road Feelin' Bad*, We
Bid You Goodnight*

Encore: Box of Rain

* with Donna Jean

Disk 1
Dark Star -> (15:07)
It's Up To You -> (5:54)
Dark Star -> (7:20)
Days Between -> (8:18)
Jam -> (4:05)
Dark Star -> (6:52)
My Favorite Things (9:09)
Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodle-Oo* (8:13)

Disk 2
Bird Song* (13:29)

Set 2
Tuning (3:34)
Terrapin Station (21:41)
Down With Disease (8:03)
Dark Star (8:01)
Friend Of The Devil (7:56)
Casey Jones (6:00)

Disk 3
Morning Dew (13:42)
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad* (11:38)
And We Bid You Good Night (3:26)

Phil Speaks (5:36)
Box Of Rain (7:05)

Filler Phil & Phriends 4/15/99
Not Fade Away (14:27)
Phil Speaks ->
Mr. Tambourine Man (12:06)

Trey Anastasio: guitar, vocals
Steve Kimock: guitar
Phil Lesh: bass, vocals
Page McConnell: keyboards
John Molo: drums

*Donna Jean Godchaux McKay: vocals

Tape length Dat(2x60m, 1x90m) CDR(3x74min discs)
Blems:I will have to let you know if there is any, which I doubt.
Comments: This looks like a really nice show.