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Tape Tree #9 Info.

Widespread Panic
9:30 Club Washington DC
Source: A:D Geffell SMS M210(ORTF)>Oade 248b(mod)>Hhb PDR1000(mod) taped by Tony Mazzuca, good job Tony!
1: Take Out > Blackout, Gradle > Barstools and Dreamers, Who Do You Belong To > You Got Yours > Ain't No Use > Pilgrims, Porch Song

2: Greta > Blight > Hope In A Hopeless World, Walkin', Driving Song > Swamp > Drums > Love Tractor > Driving Song > Ain't Life Grand

E: Last Straw, Help Me Somebody

Tape length Dat(2x60m, 1x90m) CDR(3x74min discs)
Blems:none that I can think of
Comments: This is a really nice show, I enjoy it everytime I listen to it.