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CDR_Shn List

A:C=Audience recording mastered on cassette,
A:D=Audience recording mastered on DAT,
Af:D=FOB (Front Of Soundboard) aud. mastered on DAT,
Al=Booteg Album,
DSS:D=DSS TV Broadcast,
F:?=FM Broadcast (Digital or analog unknown),
F:D=FM broadcast mastered on DAT,
Fp:?,D=Pre FM copied to an unknown source then DAT,
Fp:Rm,D=Pre FM to Master Reel to DAT,
M:C=Cassette Mix of SBD and AUD,
M:D=Mix of SBD and AUD mastered on DAT,
S:?,D=Soundboard to ? then to DAT,
BbR,P,D="Betty Board" copied to PCM then DAT,
S:C=Soundboard recording mastered on cassette,
S:C,D=CSBD copied to DAT,
S:D=Soundboard recording mastered on DAT,
S:D,P,D=DSBD copied to PCM then DAT,
S:P=Soundboard recording matered on PCM,
S:P,D=PCM soundboard recording copied to DAT,
S:R=Soundboard recording mastered on Reel to Reel,
S:R,D=RSBD copied to DAT,
S:R,P,D=RSBD copied to PCM then DAT,
S:R2,D=2nd Gen.RSBD copied to DAT,
S:Rm,D=Soundboard to Reel Master to DAT,
ST:=Studio recording,
STo:=Studio outtake,
Unknown=Who knows?
Tascam Da30MKII>Opcode Datport>Hard Drive via Cool Edit 2000>NTI CD maker Pro>Mitsumi USB Ext. CDRW drive
NTI CD maker Pro>Mitsumi USB Ext. CDRW drive
Sound Ratings:
A=Excellent, B+=Good, B-=Fair, C=Poor, U=Unrated
I prefer Verbatim, Sony, TDK, Mitsui, Kodak, etc.. CDR's please don't send generics.
Please provide source info if possible, and please use EAC for your DAE. Also I prefer to trade shn's.
PLEASE let me know if you include j-cards and I will try to include them.

Page Last Updated 08/01/00
Barenaked Ladies
07/06/98 City Hall Boston,MA All(45 min) A:D A Schoeps MK-4 1 disc(shn or audio)

Bob Dylan
10/31/64 Carnegie Hall New York, NY All S:Rm:D A 2 discs (shn)

Bob Marley
07/07/78 Rotterdam,Holland All R:P:D A 2 discs (shn or audio)

Grateful Dead
06/07/70 Fillmore West San Fransisco, CA ALL S:Mr:C:D:Shn A 2 discs (shn)
02/19/71 Capitol Theater Port Chester, NY All S:Br:Px2:D:CD:Shn A 2 discs (shn)
04/07/71 The Music Hall Boston, Ma All S:R:P(a):D A 2 discs (shn)
06/10/73 RFK Washington DC All S:Mr:D:Shn A 4 discs (shn or audio)
05/19/74 Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR All S:R:D:shn A- 2disc (shn) missing Tenn Jed>El Paso and Ship of Fools
06/18/74 Freedom Hall Louisville, KY ALL S:MR>DAT:Shn A 2 discs (shn)
09/29/77 Paramount Northwest Theater Seattle,WA All Sbd:Br:P:D A 2disc (shn)
10/29/77 Field House NIU, De Kalb,IL All S:bR:P:D A+ 3 discs (Audio)
10/22/78 Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA All S:R:P:D A 2discs (shn)
09/07/85 Red Rocks Amphitheater Morrison,CO All A:P:D A 2 discs (shn) Schoeps CMC42S>Oade Power Supply + Schoeps CMC441(XY, 90deg.)>oade Power supply>Custom Oade mixer> PCM-F1(mod)>Digitally remastered by Doug Oade
07/02/89 Sullivan Stadium Foxboro, MA All Af:P:D A 2 discs (shn) Schoeps CMC42s spaced omnis > Sony SL-2000PCM

The Justice League
01/13/00 The Music Farm Charleston, SC All A:D A 2 discs (shn) Neumann KM140's>Sonosax SX-2>Sony D8 (Chad Fagin)

11/26/94 ALL 1 disc (shn)

10/31/90 Armstrong Hall, Colorado College Colorado Springs, CO All SBD>48 Track Analog>DAT@48kHz>Zefiro ZA2 (Sample Rate converted to 44.4 kHZ)>Soundforge>CD WAV>SHN
12/26/96 Spectrum Philadelphia, Pa All Af:D 2 discs (shn) Schoeps MK4's>Schoeps CMBI >HHb 1000 FOB (15th row). 
12/31/99 BC Seminole Indian Reservation Big Cypress, FL afternoon set A:D A 1 disc (shn)AKG 482(split 15')>Luantech V2>GP ADC-20>DAp-1 (Phil Nazarro)
12/31/99 BC Seminole Indian Reservation Big Cypress, FL All Af:D 8 discs (shn) Nuemann U89i'(omni)>AD1k>Dap-1 (tarp pary tapes)

11/18/99 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA All Af:D 2 disc (shn or audio) Akg483>V2>SBM-1>M1

Smashing Pumpkins
04/29/00 Boston, MA All A FM:D 2 discs (shn or Audio)
The Doors
??/??/68 Waiting for the Sun Tour ALL? S:?:D 1 disc audio or shn

Widespread Panic
12/30/99 Philips Arena Atlanta, Ga All Af:d 2 discs (shn) B&K 4021>Eaa psp-2>Ad1k
4/05/00 2 discs (shn)
4/22/00 2 discs (shn)