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NateDawg's    Tapelist

Hey,thanks for stopping by. Look through my list and if there is any thing that I can help you with let me know.

Rules for Trading

1. Use only Virgin(new) Maxell XLII tapes or better for trading.

2. Please unpack the tapes(FF and Rew.)before taping.

3. Do not send cases, but please send the J-cards at all times.

4. No High speed dubbing or Dolby noise reduction.

5. I'd be glad to spin for newbies, just let me know what you want.

6. Questions? Comments? Trade? Please email me
Grading Scale

A++ only cd's, great soundboards, and some radio broadcasts will achieve this grade, very rare.
A+  A very good Soundboard, a great audience, or good radio broadcast will achieve this grade.
(Nearly Flawless, levels maybe a little off)
A  A good audience, decent soundboard will get this grade.
(Levels a little more off and some hiss present, still a very good choice)
A-  A decent audience, soundboard will get this grade.
(Levels noticably off, hiss more present than before, a good choice)
b+   An okay audience or soundboard will get this grade.
(Levels off, hiss present in recording, and personally unless it is a rare show or awesome set/show I wouldn't pick it due to the fact that I like to hear clear music not a bunch of hiss or low levels)
B< You will not find on my list, because I will not offer it due to the fact that I wouldn't want to receive the show in the mail due to its many problems.

Aud = Audience recording
Duad = Digital Audience Recording
SBD = Soundboard
DSBD = Digital Soundboard
FOB = Front of the boards
CD = Compact Disc
Cass. = Cassette
Fm = Radio Broadcast
Number after the symbols represents the generation of the recording.

Tape   List

The Doors

03/1/69 Miami,Fl All? 45 MIN (Jim gets arrested)
  / /70 Madison Square Garden NYC,NY All CD/1 90 MIN A+

Pink Floyd

11/16/74 Wembley Empire Pool England All 90 Min A+ ?SBD/>DAT>Cass.(Me)

Led Zepplin 

08/31/64 International Pop Festival Dallas,TX All A+ 90 Min ?SBD>DAT>Cass.(ME)

Grateful Dead

03/01/69 Filmore West San Fran. Calif. SBD>Reel>?/? SetI 

02/14/70 Filmore East New York,NY All SBD/? SetI&II A- setIII A-/B+

07/18/76 Orpheum Theatre San. Fran., Calif. setII FM A/A-

05/07/77 Boston Garden Boston,MA All DSBD/5 A
05/21/77 Civic Center Lakeland,FL All DSBD/2 A+
10/28/77 Soliders&Sailors Memorial Hall Kansas City,KS All CD/? A+/A
10/29/77 N. Illinois U. Fieldhouse Dekalb,IL All DSBD/2 A+/A

04/16/78 Huntington Civic Center Huntington,WV All A+/A
07/07/78 Red Rocks Amp. Morrison,CO All SBD/? A+/A
07/08/78 Red Rocks Amp. Morrison,CO All SBD/? A+/A

02/26/90 Oakland Coliseum Oakland,Calif. All DSDB/2 A+
07/12/90 R.F.K Stadium Wash. DC setII sbd/? A

09/20/91 Boston Garden Boston,MA setII ?SBD/??  A

03/24/93 Dean Smith Center Chapel Hill,NC All CD(SBD)/1 A+/A
03/25/93 Dean Smith Center Chapel Hill,NC All ?SBD/2 A+/A

Jimi Hendrix

06/17/67 MONTEREY CA All? 90 MIN 

05/24/69 SAN DIEGO CA All? 90 MIN 
08/15/69 Woodstock Bethel, NY All Cass. A+


12/06/86 Mead Ranch Shelburne,VT All(1 set) SBD/? A-

08/21/87 Ian Mclean's Farm Hebron,NY All Aud/?[

05/15/88 Vermont Farm Festival Hinesburg,VT set II 
09/24/88 Humpries House(The Zoo)UMass, Amherst, MA All SBD/5 A

02/25/90 8X10 Club Baltimore,Md All SBD/? set 1 B+/A- set 2 A-
11/04/90 Fort Ram Fort Collins,Co All Sbd/? A

07/21/91 Arrowhead Ranch Parksville,NY All Sbd/3 A/A-
08/03/91 Amy Skelton's Farm Auburn,Me All Aud/? A/A- 
11/14/91 Cat's Cradle Carrboro,NC All FOB/? A

03/14/92 Roseland Ballroom New York,NY All SBD/? A-
03/21/92 Chestnut Cabaret Philadelphia,PA All SBD/? 
04/16/92 Anaconda Theater Santa Barbara,Calif. All CD(SBD)/1 A+

08/20/93 Red Rocks Amp. Morrison,CO All SBD/?

04/20/94 VA Horse Center Lexington,VA setII B+/A-
04/21/94 LJV Memorial Coliseum Winston-Salem,NC All B+/A-
05/07/94 The Bomb Factory Dallas,Tx set II(Tweezerfest) SBD/? A+
07/13/94 Big Birch Patterson,NY ?Sbd/? A/A+

06/10/95 Red Rocks Morrison,CO All AUD/?
10/24/95 Dane County Coliseum Madison,WI All ?Duad/? A
10/31/95 Rosemont Horizon Chicago,IL All Aud/? A-
12/30/95 Madison Square Garden NYC,NY All Duad/1 A

10/18/96 Pittsburgh Civic Arena, Pittsburgh,PA All A++ CD
        (schoeppes->sonosax SX-M2->tascam DA-PI->CD)
12/28/96 Corestate Spectrum Phila.,Pa All Duad/2 A+/A
12/29/96 Corestate Spectrum Phila.,Pa All Duad/2 A+/A

02/16/97 Wartesaal, Cologne,Germany All Aud/? A
02/17/97 Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland All Duad/? A+/A
02/23/97 Fillmore, Cortemaggiore,Italy All Aud/? A+/A
02/26/97 Longhorn Stuggart, Germany All Duad/3 A+/A
06/06/97 Brad's House Charlotte,Vt set II DSBD/AUDMix/2
         (Neumann klm154's) A/A+
06/14/97 S.F.X Centere, Dublin,Ireland All DSBD/? A+/A
07/26/97 SouthPark Meadows,Austin, Tx All Duad/? A/A+
08/03/97 The Gorge Quincy,WA All Duad/3 A/A-
08/09/97 Alpine Valley East Troy,WI All Duad/3 A/A-
08/14/97 Darien Lake Amp. Darien Center,NY All Aud/? A/A-
08/16/97 The Great Went, Loring AFB, Loring,ME All Duad/3 A-
08/17/97 The Great Went, Loring AFB, Loring,ME All Duad/2 A-
11/13/97 Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV All Duad/4 A/A+
11/19/97 Assembly Hall Champaign,IL All Duad/3 A+/A
11/21/97 Hampton Coliseum Hampton,VA All Aud/4 A+/A 
11/22/97 Hampton Coliseum Hampton,VA All Duad/3 A-
11/23/97 LJV Memorial Colisuem Winston Salem,NC Duad/? A
11/26/97 Hartford Civic Center Hartford,Ct. All Duad/? A/A+
12/02/97 Corestate Spectrum Phila., PA All Duad/3 A
12/03/97 Corestate Spectrum Phila., Pa All Duad/? A/A+
12/06/97 The Palace Auburn Hills, MI All Duad/3 A
12/07/97 Ervin J. Nutter Center Dayton,OH All Duad/2 A+/A
12/09/97 Bryce Jordan Center State College,PA All Duad/3 A/A+
12/11/97 Rochester War Memorial Rochester,NY Duad/2 A/A+
12/12/97 Pepsi Arena Albany,NY All Duad/2 A+
12/28/97 US Air Arena Landover, MD All Duad/2 A/A-
12/29/97 Madison Square Garden NYC,NY All Duad/2 A/A-
12/30/97 Madison Square Garden NYC,NY All Duad/2 A+/A
12/31/97 Madison Square Garden NYC,NY All Duad/2 A+/A

04/02/98 Nassau Coliseum Long Island,NY All DFOB/3
         (Schoeps cmc54's) A
04/03/98 Nassau Coliseum Long Island,NY All DFOB/3 
         (Schoeps cmc54's) A
04/04/98 Civic Center Providence,RI All DFOB/2 
         (Schoeps cmc54's) A+/A 
04/05/98 Civic Center Providence,RI All DFOB/2  
         (AKG ck63's) A+/A

Nine Inch Nails

08/13/94 Woodstock Festival Woodstock,NY All CD A++


11/02/97 State Theater Detroit,MI All Daud/2 A+/A
(Koss Mics set 15-20' apart in about row 15>Dat)

10/23/95 Riviera Theatre Chicago,Ill. Partial(Beginning from Today) 
Fm A/A+ 


12/29/96 US Air Arena Landover, MD  All ?SBD/? B+


02/06/98 Ace of Clubs Nashville,TN All DSBD/1 A+

On   the   Way

These are some shows that are on the way:
12/13/97 analog

5/9/77 Dat


LedZepplin/Pink Floyd 8/31/64&11/16/74 

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